Online Priestess Training

This 3-month 1:1 Online training is for practitioners, would-be practitioners and those wanting to take their personal life to the next level.

You will learn to assist men through the steps for reconnecting with their sexual energy in a healthy way, allowing more pleasure and intimacy in their relating.

This training offers a step-by-step sequence, teaching men the skills to direct their sexual energy instead of being at its mercy. Men often want to lose the performance anxiety around sex, control ejaculation, or want answers for erection difficulty. You will learn how to address these issues with a specific session format. You’ll facilitate some simple practices, guiding them to be present and relaxed in their bodies.

This is a multi-faceted journey. On one hand it is packed with info to learn and absorb, with home practice requirements between calls. On another level it connects you back to your own deep remembering, through your subtle sensing, shedding old stories, manifesting your path of abundance and your soul-aligned work.

So, although we focus on assisting men, this course is a deeply enriching and healing space for you to remember your priestess archetype, create your own medicine as you learn this sacred art, and create your own flourishing practice in service to the awakening of others.

You’ll be learning:
– How to hold a sacred space
– Orgasmic bodywork
– Healing with sexual energy
– Do’s and Don’ts in practice
– Practical information for guiding transformational emergence

This is an individual, customised mastermind intensive:

– 12 x weekly 1:1 Online sessions with Stephanie
– Handbooks to support your learning
– Processes to support your personal transformation, to fully embody your Priestess wisdom
– Business coaching:

  • Setting up your practice
  • What to charge
  • Marketing tips
  • Client contact

– All sessions are recorded if requested for your later referral
– Home assignments and practice sessions
– Private WhatsApp thread for check-ins between sessions
– VIP access (50% rate) to the next workshop/retreat run by Stephanie

Also Included:

All the practical basics for holding sessions
A specific step by step sequence to work with men:

  • learning bodywork techniques
  • the basics for moving energy
  • separating ejaculation from orgasm
  • multi-orgasm

You’ll also receive Stephanie’s unique processes for supporting clients:
1) Releasing blocks held in the body that stop pleasure flow
2) Pattern reframing
3) Working with the innocent child within
4) Cutting cords and attachments
5) Emotional release tools
6) Lineage healing
7) Healthy communication
8) Consent teachings

Your personal journey is part of the work:

– Clearing and manifesting rituals for landing your abundance
– Self pleasure and sex magic practices designed specifically for you
– Private access to Stephanie’s video library for teachings and powerful guided journeys
– Individual support and feedback after your practice sessions.

What others say:

“Stephanie is the real deal. An embodied, wise soul who can see through the stories and hold people with presence and grace to release trauma, emotions and habits that no longer serve. One meeting with her and you know she has a strong intuition and deep wisdom. It’s an honour to share spaces with Stephanie and learn from her. I highly recommend her workshops, trainings and sessions. Highly!” Anatolia

“Stephanie is down to earth and very approachable. She is able to hold space and sits deep within the mysteries, but not so that you feel like you’re with a hippie woo woo tantra new age guru. She is professional, grounded, soft and strong in the same moment and sees what may be unseen to others. I trust this woman and have journeyed with her many times.” Eve

Stephanie has developed this method over 30 years in practice, and she now shares it generously with others.

Some of the issues you will learn to address:

Ejaculation choice
Virility issues (ED)
Being sexual without external stimulus, such as porn or fantasy
How to be a better lover
Getting the spark back in a relationship
Learning full body orgasm
Letting go of intimacy fears
Opening to a more conscious awareness of self

This Priestess Training is not an “erotic” session for stimulation’s sake. The process is about allowing more pleasure through the body and changing the habit of urgent release. The skills you teach men will invite a re-frame, to change old habits, and experience more pleasure.

About Stephanie Phillips:

Stephanie is a prominent mentor and facilitator at the forefront of the global conscious sexuality movement. She is a powerful guide, initiated in the ancient codes of Tantra and shamanism, and is dedicated to un-ravelling belief systems that keep us from coming home to our body wisdom.

With warmth, clarity, irreverent humour and keen insights, she helps individuals and groups remember their innate wisdom and reclaim their potent sense of self. Her extensive background in Psychotherapy, Dance, Bodywork modalities and the Healing Arts has supported thousands of people in their journey into the self, of self-love and healing through pleasure.

Her work is a unique opportunity to connect deeper and more authentically with yourself and the world, and to experience pleasure with more subtle nuance.

On completion of the training:

Graduates will have the capacity to skilfully hold transformational sessions for men.
Selected graduates will be invited to hold sessions for Tantric Synergy. This is a shamanic container where you meet this archetype in you and bring these gifts into being.

To Apply:
Please complete the following form: Priestess Training Application Form

$9,900 AUD ( 3 x instalments. First instalment secures your spot)
$8,800 AUD upfront

– Moneys are transferable but not refundable.
– Details of Zoom times will be co-ordinated with you once registered.
– Ongoing Mentor calls after completion at $150/90 mins (usual cost is $180 per call)
– You’ll have 4 months to complete the program once you’ve registered.
– There are no credits or refunds, whether or not you have started or completed the course.

It is always a privilege to introduce people to these profound and beautiful discoveries.