About Tantric Synergy

Stephanie assists people to reconnect with the body, listen to its cues and work with the incredible gift of natural energy that moves through us all, as a vehicle to manifest the full joy that is at our very essence. Her warmth, clarity and perceptive guidance supports others to awaken to an inner majesty, and come home to their authentic selves.

Stephanie Phillips Founder

Stephanie draws on her extensive background in dance, psychotherapy, yoga, Reiki and the healing arts.

She has worked with a wide range of massage and healing modalities, taught body awareness and creative movement for expression and release, and led transformational programs for people from diverse backgrounds, creating avenues for change through inner awareness.

She is a speaker and writer, operates a busy practice offering private sessions in Melbourne and runs regular workshops throughout Australia. Since 2015 she’s been a facilitator and faculty member for the International School of Temple Arts (schooloftemplearts.org).

Stephanie assists the release of old conditioning and stuck patterns, and teaches new skills and practices for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness. Her clear energetic transmission supports others in opening the body, expanding the mind, emotional healing and raising consciousness.


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Over years in private practice, Stephanie’s sessions have drawn on guided visualisation meditation, movement, pattern reframing and emotional release work. She has developed intuitive pathways to open the body to its natural wisdom, and tune the subtle bodies to a clearer frequency and vibration, through energy work and conscious touch. Her work initiates people back into their bodies to awaken their full presence.

It is my honour to open the door for others, to awaken full presence and sexuality. In my practice I work intuitively to open the body to its natural wisdom, and offer tools for re-membering authenticity and true alignment with the self. This is a kind of initiation back into the body – back into awareness of the subtle senses.”