The online sessions are crafted from Stephanie’s years of guiding individuals and groups, and from her global transpersonal / tantric teachings. What is offered is like no other Tantra program.

It can only deepen your existing awareness, and open possibilities for clearing the fear, guilt and shame that was passed on through the family lineage and from societal conditioning.

You’ll receive practical information, a PDF booklet to support your ongoing immersion, and you’ll learn the basics to practice at home. You’ll be guided through processes to shed old patterning and bring through the shifts that make a difference.

Stephanie is a member of Holistic Therapists Australia Inc. and Somatic Sex Educators Association of Australasia

“Feeling alive with delicious new access to body awareness and joy, finding a deeper capacity to be present, and to stay more centred. Gold!” Sam

Individual sessions include:

Info and practices: 

  • Basics of Tantra – for yourself or as a couple
  • Practices for intimate connection
  • Communication skills – boundaries, agreements, consent
  • Exercises to let go of pressure, obligations or goal-oriented sex
  • Practices for flowing orgasmic energy
  • Getting out of your head and into your body

There are many reasons people book a session. Deeper processes include:

  • Drop the old stories that no longer serve
  • Connect with your own body wisdom for deeper pleasure, and as an act of self-love
  • When you know there’s so much more than porn
  • Energetic union with another
  • When physical touch is not possible
  • Cutting cords and attachments
  • Rewiring the original disconnection
  • Process work to release old patterns and emotional blocks
  • Re-sensitising the erotic body
  • And much more…

Online Group Workshops

Online Tantra Workshops provide access to new practices with others who are also curious. Get comfortable and get ready to meet with a new way of relating. Here are the ways to hold yourself true, to have a framework for honouring, opening and delighting. Here’s how to activate a portal of soul-fire recognition, to be your own creator in love and loving.

Set yourself up with some cushions, a notepad, and maybe light a candle. You can choose your level of interaction on the call, and you can book for just you, or as a couple, or gather as a group sharing a screen.

Stephanie is a global facilitator at the forefront of the conscious sexuality movement. She initiates through Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing and the deep remembering of our innate knowing. Here is a unique opportunity to work with the wisdom and expertise of a leader in the field who has supported thousands of people to transform their lives.

What others say:

“Stephanie is all kinds of Wow!” SJ

“I didn’t expect to gain so much from an online session. I could really feel the energy move, and it was actually good to be in my own space, where I’m comfortable. It felt intimate as well. Thank you for creating a connection that allowed me to find this part of myself again. It was do-able. I can open my world up from my lounge room. It felt good.” Nick

“This is the second of your live events I’ve attended. I enjoyed both so much. Your workshops are a delight to watch; so uplifting. They are also very informative, helpful, insightful and enlightening.  They touch me deeply as well.  I appreciate the simplicity, precision and clarity with which you share your wisdom.  Thank you so much for the work that you do which is so needed in the world today! Much love and deep gratitude.” Sarah

“I continue to break down all of my limiting constructs and beliefs in ways I never expected. It has started to get me out of my mind and into my body. I feel so much more love, joy, potency, and most of all FREEDOM in myself and relationships!” Tim

“Another strong step into learning how to feel, recognise and let those energies flow freely, so we can share them with another. All this is easy in an aware, open environment. Beautiful circle lead by a gorgeous woman with an open heart.” Francisca