Tantra Workshops

Tantra Workshops, information evenings and events are regularly run by Tantric Synergy for those curious about the idea of Tantra. These events are for people wanting to know a deeper, more authentic intimacy, to heal, and to discover themselves in new and profound ways.

What others say:

“Stephanie is the real deal, with a way of teaching that I have seen few others offer: she guides you by invitation and transmission, with compassion and yet a simultaneous intolerance for your bullshit. She holds the important point for saying ‘no’ to tolerating and playing small, and ‘yes’ to pleasure, co-creation, and living expansively.”
Simon (Facilitator)

“A quick note to say thanks for holding the space for us to delve into this next level of our personal journey of discovery. It has touched me very deeply and is very central to my being, so thanks for meeting us at that place and allowing us to experience the view so safely. I also appreciate your vulnerability and trust in working in this way, and I acknowledge your generosity, presence and commitment to helping me experience my new expression.” Ben