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Taking the time to slow down and relax, it’s possible to tune in to the subtleties of pleasure and sweet sensation, rather than trying to achieve a result, or shut down to just go through the motions.

Drop the performance pressure, and find more pleasure and connection in that stillness, in that moment.

We’re so conditioned to “amp up” our experience with friction and preoccupied mental stimulation, that we often forget to just be in each moment, to relax and allow subtle sensations to wash through us without an agenda.

Instead of approaching sex as a disconnected way to release tension, it becomes a nourishing elixir, an opportunity to delight, to drink deeply, to honour, to rest open. It is this tantric synergy that nourishes you, and connects you with yourself and your partners in love, power and freedom.

Remember, you don’t need a partner for Tantra. It all starts with you.

Men: Imagine being able to channel your sexual energy through your body so that you can last for as long as you choose, and without erection anxiety. You can learn how to receive more pleasure in lovemaking, being relaxed and in pleasure at the same time, rather than be overly concerned with the ‘doing’. Instead of focusing on performance, you’ll learn how to slow down, connect to the subtle sensations and enjoy each moment without an agenda, opening to the multi-orgasmic pathways that are within you.

Women: No more performance pressure, no more tolerating, and no more shut down. Here’s where you listen to your body, communicate what you need to feel safe, to feel pleasure, and to feel, well, anything that’s real in that moment. Tantra opens you to the sacred art of turning on your powerful sexual energy. This heat exists in us all, and in tantric lovemaking you can open to deeper experiences and unlock your true sensual nature.

Couples: These sessions are for any intimate connections that you may have, and we do not presume that people have any type of relating style, sexual preference or gender identity. These can all be fluid, and it is all welcome here. We work with whatever your desire is, and your intention is at the forefront of the sessions, not any preconceived ideology. The language used however leans towards those who are wanting a deeper connection with the partner they bring to sessions. I want to acknowledge that all types of sexual expressions are part of life, and they can usually benefit from being conscious, full-bodied experiences, whether they are for one night or a lifetime, with one person, or many.

Learn to overcome the blocks and habitual programming that have limited your capacity for pleasure and intimacy. Open yourself for pleasure’s sake, and rediscover the beauty and power of your sexual authenticity. You can book just one session, return for several, or continue with regular sessions for ongoing support.


Why work with Stephanie:

“I know the dynamics of living in a long-term committed relationship, raising children, and managing those day to day realities with their joys and challenges. Intimacy in relationships can fluctuate over time, however the Tantric skills you acquire in these sessions can re-ignite that spark when lovemaking has become mundane. You’ll take home a whole new way of experiencing your own sexuality, and open new possibilities for your private life.

I also understand what it takes to start over. It’s easy to look back and wish that things could have been different, and venturing into new partnerships can be daunting. Here you’ll gain the confidence to open your heart again, be skilful as a lover and relax enough to enjoy every connection.

We’ll work with embodied practices which may open sexual energy, and with processes to reframe and rewire old beliefs. This is not therapy, as I come from the philosophy that our body holds the wisdom, and it also holds the blocks that hold us back. So that’s where the journey is…. through the body, and its free (and safe) expression.
It’s a unique and potent portal. 

I welcome you to this unique experience. I honour the courage that it takes to take this step. You’ll find this experience rewarding, enriching, and life changing. It would be my privilege to meet you there, and be your guide.” Stephanie

Thank you for your warmth and insight during our 3 wonderful sessions together. I continue to reflect on what you taught me and apply it daily. The experiences that you created have enriched my life. Dave, 42

That was amazing. Everybody needs to know this. We’re telling our friends. Paul and Trish 30’s



The Tantra coaching sessions provide tools, discussion and sacred practices, allowing you to open to a new level of trust and deeper intimacy with your partner.

  • When you attend with your partner, full respect is given to your relationship and your individual comfort.
  • You are coached as a couple, receiving guidance in new skills and intimacy exercises.
  • There may be times when individual work is valuable. We may allow times for each partner to have separate sessions, before working together again, advancing the material.


What Happens in a session?

We create a space of comfort and privacy. We establish what you would like to gain from our work together. You’ll be guided into some simple practices to take away as home play.

The first session teaches you the fundamentals of Tantra and some basic skills to change your old habits, which include slowing down the breath and connecting with awareness to new sensations in the body.

There is no judgement. Exploring Tantra is a holistic pursuit which connects the heart, the spirit, and the physical, bringing deeper understanding and trust between partners.


Subsequent sessions

Go deeper, to uncover the subtle energies and sensations that you are capable of experiencing. The sessions allow you to listen to your body – to slow down, relax and allow your body to respond with a fuller expression of sexual energy, without a pre-conditioned idea of an achievement.

  • Sessions are held in the Tantric Synergy studio (In beautiful Bangalow or Melbourne). Bookings are 1.5 hours or 2 hours duration.
  • You choose how many sessions suit you, whether it is a one off introduction, or a packaged series.
  • Sessions are customised for your specific needs.
  • Many people choose to attend 3 sessions to gain skill level, and develop new communication practices.

I am confident that your experience in the sessions will be enjoyable, rewarding, and inspiring. 

In your sessions I can be myself. I can say anything there, and that’s such a relief. I know it’s okay. I’m immediately calm when I enter your space, no matter what’s been happening during the day. I actually feel the day’s pressures leave the room. I’m amazed how easy it is to drop into my body and relax. Steve 48

We can read all the stuff about what to do, but working with you has allowed me to experience it. I can put this into my life now, because I know it. Thank you. Graham 38



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