Tantric Synergy Videos

Unfolding Deep Intimacy - for men, women and couples

Taking the time to slow down and relax, tuning in to the subtleties of pleasure and sweet sensation. Connecting becomes a nourishing elixir, an opportunity to delight, to drink deeply, to honour, to rest open.

“Let’s drop the stories” Taste of Love Festival Byron bay 2019

Guided Relaxation

Bianca still blissed out at a 4 day workshop

Sarah at a weekend workshop

Simon talks about the Body Whisperer Experience - February 2019

Yoon talks about the Body Whisperer Experience Feb 2019

Transformational Retreats

Engaging Fully In Life

Discover in the Un-Learning

3 Steps to Orgasmic Flow

More Potency, Flow, Magic

Where Power and Beauty Reside

The Treasure Emerging

Return to love

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Tantric Synergy

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