Finding the Gold – Mentor Program


A one-on-one transformational mentoring immersion over 7 weekly sessions
An individual, custom-designed mastermind intensive
A life-changer


This 7 week program is a framework for transformation, as you fully embody your wisdom and heart-centred power, creating your world anew.

It’s a rich immersion with Stephanie which supports you in shedding blocks and outmoded patterns, waking up a new world, and transforming your reality – into elegance, potency, and bounteous possibilities.

Who is this Mentoring Program for?
Are you ready to manifest your new world?
This program is for those who are ready to break down the blocks that have been holding them back.

Are you done with all the reasons why not?
It’s for those who are ready to experience life flowing through them, and for those who want to flow through life.

Are you ready to create the juicy life that you desire?
We are revolutionising your reality, and you’re going to be covering a lot of ground, in both your inner and outer worlds.

Is it time to commit to the journey?
You are the creator of your own reality. This is for you if you want to create something extraordinary!

Awakening the inspiration in you…
Connect with your visionary capacity, to cast your intention decisively and with conviction.
Tap into your orgasmic flow, through visioning, embodying, expressing, sharing and manifesting.
Access your luminous essence by engaging with your elemental nature – a coming home to Self.
The program guides you towards what you want to bring forth – in yourself and in the world.
You’ll create your intention, release the constriction around manifesting this new reality, plant that seed in the realm beyond, and call it in.

This carries the frequency of highest intention, for the highest good of all – clearing, healing, and raising consciousness – aligned with your soul’s blueprint, and stepping forward with ease and flow.

There will be resistances, there will be challenges, and there will be the support for you to drop those things that no longer serve.

This is your creation, your unique statement, encoded with echoes from eons ago, transmitted through and resonating with the highest and sweetest vibration. The work is done. Now the symphony begins!

“I see in your passion and love and what your work can do for people, and this I see now as a very powerful force of good, healthy and practical personal connections that will benefit our emotionally impoverished and out-of-kilter society.
My journey with you has been safe, well taught, well received, respectfully engaging and personally challenging, and I see the huge potential for these workshops in helping to build bridges that cross the enormous divide of peoples interpersonal and extra-personal lives. They need the way of congruence.”

How we work together:
We meet weekly for Zoom sessions over 7 sessions in total
All sessions are recorded if requested for your later referral
Home / Adventure Assignments
Accountability calls between sessions to check in
VIP access (special rate) to the 7 day “Body Whisperer Residential 2022” ( in Byron area )
Clearing and manifesting rituals
Mini vision-quests
Allocated self pleasure and sex magic practices
Assigned visualisations and journal writing
Time capsule journeys for healing

We journey…
into the spaces where time is suspended and where you are free to weave your creative magic. You’ll be guided on visualisation journeys to meet your counsel, reconnect with your blueprint and cast any adversaries out, that may block or stifle the download.

Beyond the mundane…
physical realm, where your dreams are still alive, and where your passionate desire awaits your return. You traverse here – we go together to meet your truth, where fear and shame do not exist, where there are no blocks for what can unfold. Meet the magnificence, power and wonder of all that is possible.

you create the design, choose the colours, weave your unique cloth, starting with the finest silk, spun from your own heart’s delight.

You are a visionary…
a map-maker, a powerful crusader of the light force – and this energy surges through you now, and beckons the others to join you. You become the magnetic pull for others who resonate with the call for healing, wholeness and the seismic shift that is in our midst.

Feel the tide rise up in you now…
and plunge into the depths of you. Our first task is to vision – and in that vision you recognise a familiar echo. You recall this voice, you remember this map, this carving, this etching, this symbol.

The Modules:
Module 1
See the vision:

Tapping into the imaginal realm.
What can you imagine – crazy as it seems?
What did you once dream of as a child-that dream that you let go of as silly childhood nonsense?
This is the stuff of other dimensions – existing in that other plane.
Call them in now.Stephanie-mentor

Module 2
Clear the blocks:

Release the constriction, the pain and the logic that shuts down the dream, sabotages the awakening, and keeps you small and trapped in the matrix.
Going gently now as you drop what no longer serves.

Module 3
Remember the echoes:

Trust the distant echo – it is a remembering, a waking up of the codes, a sacred geometry unearthed and reseeded, which holds your calling, your blueprint.
The ancient ones support you – the keepers of the mysteries. They’ve been waiting.
Invite them to journey with us.

Module 4
Hold the innocent child:

Hold the child in you.
Hold them, safe and loved, so that they’re free to be the innocent child, free to play and be curious, and full of wonder, free to be the magical child within you – your most precious teacher and sweetest delight.

Module 5
Reconnect with the body:

Tap into that wisdom. The body never lies.
Reside back in your body, and learn to open to all its gifts.
Ride the intensity, acknowledge and express everything that it offers up, from your base to your heart, and express through your voice, calling out your loss, your rage, and the sweet surrender to joy and orgasmic flow.

Module 6
Become the master:

Now step beyond safety. Reach into the unknown.
Become the master, be the muse.
Open to the power of every aspect that you have held within.
Break free from the conditioned, programmed brainwashing, that is now no longer useful.
Discard the linear definition of restricted roles that inhibit your flow.
Break open to exalt your power through your heart and your voice, and claim your place through the actions you now take in the world.

Module 7
Find the magic:

Now come the vision quests and the rituals.
These will be assigned to you. No other person will have the same assignment as you.
This journey is uniquely yours.

The moment you commit to this program, you begin. You have cast your intention and the universal law starts its natural course as your dream starts to manifest. Watch for the synchronicities, take note of the signs – the riddles and the clues. You are a magician, in connection and aligned now with the more expansive fields of energy. Universal law creates a space for you as you step into the wheel of creative life.

What else is included?

  • You will receive 2 x PDF booklets during the course, “Sex With Your Light On” and “The Sacred Lover”, to support your new awareness at home
  • You’ll have private viewing of Stephanie’s subscriber-only video content

You’ll have practices and rituals for your own exploration between calls

“I wish I could find words to express my gratitude to you. This was so freeing for me, and I saw you listen, I felt your presence and I felt held by you. For this and so much more I am so grateful to you. You are an amazing woman and again thank you, my heart is full of gratitude and awe.” Caroline


On the Other Side:
– Awakened connection to your body, emotional health and your orgasmic energy – your vibrant presence and joy
– Access to inner wisdom, and the clarity to follow that guidance
– Increased day-to-day energy, potency and passion
– A new understanding of what it means to speak your truth, set boundaries, and ask for what you want.
– Magnetic attraction for high resonant beings, synchronicities and opportunities
– Know and love the value of your life and your essence
– Access to the full power of your voice
– A reclaimed sensual relationship with your body, and your body image
– All energy centres open
– Increased level of sexual energy
– New ways of sexual expression, and tantric practices for opening orgasmic pathways
– More pleasure on all levels, as you release guilt, shame and fear
– Discernment of the shadow aspects of pleasure, and how that plays out in your life
– Embodiment of the magician that you are – manifesting an extraordinary reality

“Hello wonderful Stephanie,
Just wanted to say hi and thanks so much again for the seemingly boundless joy you have helped bring into my life.
This has impacted my entire extended family, healed the relationships with my parents and sister, and saved my marriage by being so amazing. Thank you for taking me right to the essence of me. I will forever be grateful for your work.
I want to do more in the future. At the moment I’m just enjoying intimacy (with sex secondary really at this point) fully for the first time in my life.”

“Before working with Stephanie I was dealing with some issues I was embarrassed to talk about to anyone else and having difficulty in setting boundaries in relationships. I am so much more confident now and more comfortable in speaking to men in my life. I also have been using all the tools I was given which has really helped me to self regulate. I highly recommend anyone to work with Stephanie that wants to feel more ecstasy and love in there life. Thank you for helping me to become the best version of myself.”

$3250AUD paid upfront

You’ll have 4 months to complete the program once you’ve registered.
There are no credits or refunds, whether or not you have started or completed the course.



One-on-one with Stephanie

This is a program of 7 weekly online modules, working privately with StephanieEach module is a self-contained ritual. These hand-picked processes are the most powerful pattern-shifters I know. They work. They change things. Hence, this journey is for those who are tired of their own excuses, and done with the same old dramas showing up in their lives.

The components each hold a sacred essence. These potent game-changers are imbued with elegance, depth and grit. They’ve been well-worn staples in my tool-kit for 30 odd years in my transformational mentorships. Each part of this immersion ia critical piece of the alchemical puzzle. One infused element follows the next, unique in quality and yet together they facilitate an unfolding, a birthing, an emergence for your gifts, for your being.

It’s going to be a unique questIt’s not designed as a homogenised program. It may be just where you need to be at this time, to reveal your unique path, to claim your place at this time on the planet.