The Sacred Lover Booklet

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This booklet offers new ways to be with your partner or future lovers, and unlocks your own pleasure potential.
Here are the keys to accessing your own sacred lover. The ones that activate the passion within with skill, with authentic presence, with honour and love.

Here you’ll learn how to state your desires and boundaries in each interaction, so that nobody is feeling pressured to perform. You’ll experience a different way of connecting, without any agenda or results focus. This drops you into an honouring space, as you give priority to the quality of your intimacy, without the need for a particular outcome. It’s about resting open, and reconnecting to the spark within that’s still alight and wants expression.

You’ll discover new skills to take away for your own practice which break old habits, and open a new path for connecting with genuine aliveness.

– Boundaries and agreements
– The Wheel of Consent
– Setting intention for connecting
– The “safer sex talk”
– Different elements of touch
– Alternatives to neediness, agenda and mechanical habit
– Self pleasure practices