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Recalling the Sacred Mysteries

November 14, 2014 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Allow your body to open as a celebration of life – a revelation of love and freedom.”

This evening is a combination of talk and experiencing – putting into practice expanded states of presence and awareness for deeper connection to self.
Tap into your life force flow through visioning, embodying, expressing, sharing, supporting and witnessing.
Explore your luminous essence through engaging with your elemental nature.
Awaken the sacred mysteries that have lain dormant in the body for too long:

• Creating safety and trust in your relating (Boundaries and agreements)
• Giving and receiving conscious touch and honouring massage
• Fire breath – allowing pleasure through the body
• Energetic bodywork practice
• The concept of orgasm as your divine offering
• The wild and the passionate is sacred too
• Welcoming the dark feminine by engaging the elements
• Reclaiming sexual wonder in the masculine, to find divine power

“Our raw power exalts through the body, calling all of our senses to merge in sublime bliss – and opening our heart to all that is.”

Stephanie from Tantric Synergy assists in integrating new pathways for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness, by embracing the full spectrum of our body’s wisdom, healing fear and contraction, and honouring the sacred practices that connect us with our authentic selves. This is initiation back into the body – back into awareness of the subtle senses. (Fully clothed workshop)

What others say:
“Magical, releasing. I want to repeat this so I can go even deeper. I felt really powerful and present as my wild feminine side rose to express herself. Thank you for the experience!” Rosalie
“Recalling the Sacred Mysteries was a deep immersion into the infinite energies that circle through my body. It felt like another strong step into learning how to feel, recognise and let those energies flow freely, so we can absorb them from our Mother Earth (or universal consciousness) and transform them into eternal unconditional love and give them back to source – like the trees purify our air. All this is easy in an aware, open environment. Beautiful circle lead by a gorgeous woman with an open heart.” Francisca
“A beautiful and healing balance of the actual and the mystical.” Michelle
“The night was awesome! Would love this on a regular basis. I feel so much lighter, free, loved! Thank you.” Paula
“Fabulous, informative, freeing. Loved the ritual and the massage! Thank you. :-)” JessieAnne
“F…ing Serpent! Thank you for providing the space for her to enter – welcoming and safe. Loved ritual!.” C.T.
“I didn’t know what to expect as this was the first time for something like this. Thank you for making me feel safe. :-)” Colleen
“Great to dip into some powerful, playful stuff. Thank you. Really appreciate the space you created and love, wisdom, and generosity you brought. Felt very held and safely guided.”
“Brilliant as usual. I love Stephanie’s workshops, her connection to spirit and what is needed in each group is remarkable. She has the ability to help people break through blocks in a small amount of time.” Liane
“Thank you Steph. I continue to break down all of my limiting constructs and beliefs in ways I never expected. It has started to get me out of my mind and into my body. I feel so much more love, joy, potency, and most of all FREEDOM in myself and relationships!” Tim
“After tonight I’m just left with so much love – so many amazing people.” Aaron

Pre-booked tickets: $35.00 ($40.00 at the door)
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Stephanie Phillips


Augustine Centre (Habitat Centre) – Alexander Room
2 Minona St, Hawthorn Vic 3122
Melbourne, VIC 3122
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