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4-Day Priestess Training – Fully booked

September 1, 2023 - September 4, 2023


Learn how to assist men to reconnect with their sexual energy in a healthy way

Educating in the area of conscious sexuality is a rapidly expanding field. There’s been a growing awareness over the last few years, as people search for more authentic ways to connect, to express, to heal and to grow. Assisting this sexual awakening is incredibly important work. It can facilitate enormous growth for those seeking this experience, and can be deeply humbling as a life path.

A Tantric Synergy Priestess assists men through the steps for reconnecting with their sexual energy in a healthy way, allowing more pleasure and intimacy in their relating.
Tantric Synergy offers a unique practitioner training for those wanting to start this work, enhance an existing practice, or to enrich their personal life. Although it’s focussed on assisting men, this course is a deeply enriching and healing space for women to come together to remember their priestess archetype, create their own medicine as they learn this sacred art, conjure their own elixir and share in this together.

People are wanting old habits to change:

Our mainstream programming around sexuality interferes with our ability to connect, and we have been conditioned to operate predominantly in our heads. This shuts down our body wisdom, constricting the orgasmic flow through our bodies.

Tantric Synergy sessions has, over the years, become a highly sought-after process. Guiding this journey requires knowledge, experience, skill, and empathy. What we need most in the area of sexuality educators and practitioners is an impeccable level of delivery that people can trust. Those considering Tantra to explore their sexual expression require a practitioner who embodies the above qualities.

They are reliant on the integrity and clarity of this guidance and these teachings. These are the non-negotiable, basic ingredients. This is what the Tantric Synergy Training is founded upon. Stephanie has developed this method over 30 years and she now shares it generously with others.

Overview of the Priestess Training

4 Days non-residential training in Warburton, Victoria
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, September 1st – 4th 2023

On completion of the 4-day training:

  • Graduates will have the capacity to skilfully hold transformational sessions for men
  • Selected graduates will be invited to hold sessions for Tantric Synergy

This Priestess Training is a step by step sequence, teaching men the skills to direct their sexual energy instead of being at its mercy Men often want to lose the performance anxiety around sex, control ejaculation, or want answers for erection difficulty. In the Tantric Synergy Training, you will learn how to address these issues with a specific session format.

You will learn how to facilitate some simple practices, guiding them to be present and relaxed in their bodies. This is a multi-faceted journey. On one hand it is packed with info to learn and absorb, with opportunities to practice with selected male-bodied receivers, and on a deeper level it connects the participants back to their Priestess archetype, through deep sensing, remembering and bonding through the sisterhood.

This is shamanic container where you meet this archetype in you and bring these gifts into being. There will be opportunity during breaks to take time to integrate on the land – by the permanent spring, under a mossy tree or walking the maze, to journal and reflect.

Some of the issues you will learn to address:

    • Ejaculation choice
    • Virility issues (ED)
    • Being sexual without external stimulus, such as porn or fantasy
    • How to be a better lover
    • Getting the spark back in a relationship
    • Learning full body orgasm
    • Letting go of intimacy fears
    • Opening to a more conscious awareness of self

Session Practices You Will Learn:

This Priestess Training is not an “erotic” session for stimulation’s sake. The process is about allowing more pleasure through the body and changing the habit of urgent release. The skills you teach men will invite a re-frame, to change old habits, and experience more pleasure.

      • Tantric principles in relation to sex and pleasure
      • Learn the session format
      • Teach the 3 keys to becoming a multi-orgasmic man
      • Boundaries in a session
      • Facilitate an awareness of more subtle sensations
      • Move sexual energy to retrain sexual response
      • Role play, practice and case studies

About Stephanie Phillips

Stephanie is a wild and beautiful soul at the forefront of the international conscious sexuality movement. She is a powerful guide, initiated in the ancient codes of Tantra and shamanism, and is dedicated to un-ravelling belief systems that keep us from coming home to our body wisdom.

With warmth, clarity, irreverent humour and keen insights, she helps individuals and groups remember their innate wisdom and reclaim their potent sense of self. Her extensive background in Psychotherapy, Yoga, Reiki, Dance, Bodywork modalities and the Healing Arts, has supported thousands of people in their journey into the self, of self-love and opening to pleasure.

Her work is a unique opportunity to connect deeper and more authentically with yourself and the world, and to experience pleasure with more subtle nuance.

Join her for one of her signature trainings at her mystical Yarra Valley retreat, where you can experience the ecstatic current flowing through your body and awaken your Priestess self in a shamanic container of safety and support.



September 1st – 4th 2023

Friday September 1st, 10am – 6pm
Saturday September 2nd, 10am – 6pm
Sunday September 3rd, 10am – 6pm
Monday September 4th 10am – 6pm


The location for this Priestess Training is near Warburton, Victoria.
Local accommodation can be found easily around Warburton (eg. Alpine Hotel or Millwater Retreat)

Places in the Training:

There are strictly limited places available in this Priestess Training, and this is the only training available this year.
Priority will be given to those who have already been working with self-awareness and embodiment practices in transformational fields.
We’ll respond to all submissions, and successful applicants will receive a Welcome Kit with further details.

To Apply:

Please complete the following form: Priestess Training Application Form
In the form, you will be asked to include:

      • Name
      • Phone number
      • Age
      • Reasons for attending the training
      • Previous experience if any, in Tantra / sexuality / energy / healing courses
      • Current work / study
      • Place of residence

Investment: $3950.00

All fees are payable in full prior to the training. Monies are transferable but not refundable.
Full details will be included in the Welcome Kit to successful applicants.

It is always a privilege to introduce people to these profound and beautiful discoveries. We look forward to receiving your submission.

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