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Activating the Codes: A Guided Journey ( Free )

June 21, 2020 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Activating the Codes


A Guided Immersion:

Here you drop into the imaginal realm and find yourself in a safe place, a sacred place, a place that time forgot. You enter a chamber. Stepping through a doorway, you see your sacred geometry, your altar (It’s been waiting so long for you), and you remember the code that activates the portal there. Unlocking that code now, it opens up through your spine, shoots through your body, your every atom, awakening your energy centres, spiralling open through your being, and re-aligning the magic of who you are.
If ever there was a time to open the channels to more wisdom, more connection to soul-purpose, and a deeper listening to the inner currents, it’s now!

On this day of Solstice. At this time of eclipse….

“The portal is open. The veils are thin. The time for activating your soul blueprint is now. There are codes within you which have been dormant, and now you’re called to come home to the majesty that you are.
This journey takes you into the temple within you that has been hidden, untapped and out of your awareness for so long. 
The ancient ones are gathered, the keepers of the mystery are waiting, the lineage of your family is here to witness your return, as you light the flame as way-shower, magician, priest/ess, temple pillar, and conduit for awakening on the planet.
You’ll return to your sacred chamber, you’ll meet the guardians of that inner sanctum, you’ll recognise the jewels and geometries encrusted there. You’ll call forth your own sacred symbol once more – your signature, your code, activating the spiral chain through every cell of your being, in ecstatic current.”

Date: Sunday, June 21st 2020
Time: 4pm – 5.30pm (AEST)
Location: Online via Zoom
Cost: Free

Get yourself comfortable for a 90 minute call.
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