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ISTA 50+ in Aspen, Luxury Edition

April 29 - May 6

ISTA Level1 50+ 2024

This training is specifically for those who’ve been around the sun 50+ times!

What does the SSSEx Intensive Involve?

This retreat focuses on clearing the physical and emotional baggage of shame, guilt and fear related to sexuality, power and authenticity.

Our curriculum utilizes multiple pathways of transformation originating from the ancient temple arts including Tantra, Taoist and Shamanic traditions combined with modern day practices like NLP, bioenergetics, guided visualization, emotional release, Kundalini activation, energy tracking, conscious touch and consent skills. The list above are just a few of the practices we use to dive deep into the inner realms.

About your facilitation team:

Three skilled Temple Arts Faculty, all international teachers in their own right, will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where your power awaits to be reclaimed.

You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around self-love, boundaries and consent, emotional release, voice dialogue, neurological reprogramming, working with shamanic energy, owning one’s desires and the ability to manifest, conscious communication, ancient temple arts rituals and powerful sexual clearing and activation processes.

Who attends ISTA Level 1?

People aged 18 to 80 have participated in Level 1 trainings. They come from many different backgrounds, professions, religions, spiritual beliefs, races and nationalities.

Some people take this training for their own personal evolution, to gain a deeper self-connection and to enrich their relationships and empower their lives. Others are interested in exploring how it will add to their own professional life, whatever that may be, and some are interested in the professions of Sacred Sexual Practitioner or Sexuality Educator.

Attendees include those from the various spiritual paths and the sexual paths of celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory. Couples, individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome, as are individuals of any sexual orientation and gender identity. The greater mix of diversity and prior experiences the richer the training!

What you can expect to receive in Level 1:

• The education around sex and relationships you would like to have received early on in your life.
• Clear frameworks around communication, boundaries, and empowered relating.
• Tools to reclaim power, self-sovereignty and respect.
• Emotional detoxing and masterful processing of feelings like rejection, abandonment, fear, desire, guilt, shame.
• Experience sexuality as a path of spiritual growth and healing: integration of spirituality and sexuality.
• Learn to be at home in your own skin.
• Sexual empowerment.
• Move beyond social conditioning and expectations.
• Gain precise self-awareness around unconscious shadows and tools to transform.

The entire training is designed to support all individuals to find, feel, claim, and express their highest Life/Self expression.

What do I need to know?

This is an individual process that happens in a group environment and a level of ability to be self responsible is needed to navigate the spiritual sexual shamanic space.
No prior knowledge of shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary to attend. Those with previous experience are warmly welcomed, as they add to the power of the field.
ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul.
*We strongly recommend that if there is known deep seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get the ok from their therapist before entering the group process.

What will I have to do?

Nudity and intimate touch are optional parts of this training. The cornerstone of this work is about consent, developing healthy boundaries and communication. You are always at choice (free to choose) and the facilitators will help you navigate what is authentic for you. If it is your truth, it is possible to complete the entire training experience without touching another person or taking your clothes off.

About the venue:

We are thrilled to be offering this training in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, just an hour from Aspen.
This forested haven is set on 32 private acres of wild meadows, forest, creeks, waterfalls and ponds, with trails leading right into the White River National Forest.
In addition to the beautiful mountain valley landscape of wilderness and wildlife, this historical venue includes a Hot Tub, Cedar Sauna & Cold Plunge.
Upon registration you will be given further details about the venue.

Pricing is based on accommodation as follows:

Shared triple room: $2,900
Shared double room: $3100
Private room, shared bath: $3,350
Private room, private bath: $3,500
There are limited spaces available for Repeat Participants at a $500 discount.
Couples registering together reserving a private room and sharing a bed receive $500 off ($250/person.)


You will be able to check-in after 1pm on the day the training starts.  The program will start at 4pm on that day and will finish at 2pm on the last day (after lunch). Please do not plan to arrive late or leave before the end of the event.

About scholarships:

ISTA Scholarships are available as additional support if in need of financial assistance.  Applications must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the training start date.