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Taste of Love Festival – Byron Bay

March 18, 2021 - March 22, 2021

March 18-22nd 2021

Join us for a relaxed event in an exclusive venue surrounded by nature, creek, rainforest, mountain and tranquility. Here we can connect with new and old friends, unwind, heal, explore and grow together! 

The Taste of Love Tantra Festival is back with inspiring presenters on the topics of awakening, love and consciousness and is scheduled for its 7th debut in Mt Warning (Wollumbin) Rainforest Park.
(40 mins north west of Byron Bay).

This festival brings together the ingredients for an event that aims to appeal to anyone looking to explore and deepen their understanding, including a range of presenters from around the world offering sessions exploring various aspects of love, relating, consciousness, sacredness, connection, sensuality, sexuality, yoga, meditation and a diverse range of associated topics.

“We are very mindful to balance the presentations around love, relating and conscious sexuality in a way that is meaningful and approachable for anyone, no matter their background or previous knowledge.” It is important to us that this event offers a safe and fun way for people to approach this material and understand what it is all about. Our European peers have been involved in festivals like these for a lot longer and it’s nice to offer this to the local community of Byron Bay, national and international visitors from all over the world.”

“I see an immense value in this festival because our life force energy, also often referred to as ki, chi, or serpent energy, can lay dormant at the base of our spine or be only be partially activated. Once activated we can experience an immense flow of energy, enthusiasm, vision and joy for life and others. This is why we work with sexual energy throughout the festival as it often helps to activate this dormant energy, also referred to as kundalini energy. Removing shame, fear or misconceived ideas around this topic in a world where unfortunately most teenagers still get most of their sexual education online and from pornographic material. We are facing a 50% divorce rate worldwide and broken families. This work is all about strengthening and deepening relationships to self and others in body, mind and spirit.”

“It is very important to me that we use this festival as an opportunity to deepen the conversation around healthy relating, radical honesty, finding our true selves, our identity and purpose and include our sexuality in this conversation. To know this area sometimes gets pushed under the carpet and yet holds the key to unleashing our life force and using it healthily in so many wonderful ways. It is also important for us to create an event that not only showcases the leading edge of conscious relating and sexuality movement but to hold a safe, inclusive, space for everyone, regardless of gender identity and expression. It’s worth an exploration if you are curious and it’s nice to have so many people return back each year for more. I feel very privileged to present this annual event.”

The Taste of Love Festival 2021 will feature well-known presenters from all over the Australia this year due to covid but we have many many amazing people right here in front of our door step. There are local and national presenters kept in balance to support everyone, musicians and artists whose work is highly regarded by peers and attendees alike. The full program is available on the website early Feb 2021.

Stephanie will be presenting 3 workshops at the festival:
– Coming to your Senses: “A sensual journey in a group setting. This is an interactive space. Stating clear boundaries, it’s an experience of expansion rather than disconnection, of opening rather than shutting down, of empowerment rather than fear and contraction”.
– Activating the Codes: “The portal is open. The veil is thin. This is an activation journey supported by a powerful music playlist.”
– Menopause, Amrita and other Mystic Portals: “Having journeyed through the stages of maiden, mother and now menopause I share with you about these transitions. These deep and powerful gifts of ‘woman’ have been denied for too long. It’s time to breathe life back into our waters, to honour the wisdom of the years and bring forth the beauty that we carry in our bellies. These are treasures that our world has been sorely lacking.”


People of all gender identities and expressions are welcome to all sessions. This is a gender fluid event. Some exercises may be talking about anatomical gender differences.


The Festival commences Friday morning 9am with registrations and continues either until Sunday night. You can start arriving Thursday the 18th from 2pm to set up and depart Monday the 22nd before 11am. All tickets include camping options and self catering. The camp ground has a camp kitchen and facilities, and food vans will be onsite to purchase foods and other delicious delights. It is directly followed by the Taste of Love Tantra Training which is held in Arcoora Arts and Ecology Retreat Centre in Kyogle and will be fully catered with different accomodation options available. (places limited to 50 please book fast)

For all the details go to: https://tasteoflove.com.au/

** Use this discount code to receive $20 off for the festival: 3TOL20 

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