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The Body Whisperer – Level 1 training course

September 11, 2015 @ 6:00 pm - September 14, 2015 @ 4:00 pm


This 3.5 day course in the beautiful Yarra Valley introduces the basics for releasing physical, emotional and energetic restrictions in the body for high vibrational healing and conscious awakening.

Whether you enrol for personal transformation or as a practitioner, the Body Whisperer Level 1 Practitioner Training course highlights the body’s ultimate wisdom. Healing happens when we shed the stories and blocks that are held there, just as the serpent sheds its skin. Releasing what no longer serves us, our life force energy can circulate through our system as naturally as the elements flow with the cosmos. We charge vibrant joy through our hearts, stand in awakened ease, and richly weave our magic in the world.

– Connective massage
– Process work to release old patterns and emotional blocks
– Practices for flowing orgasmic energy through the body
– Practical information for guiding transformational emergence

Also Includes:
Body Whisperer handbook
Demonstrations – process work and energetic bodywork
Two delicious lunches
Body Whisperer Level 1 Certificate
* Accommodation not included

Dates: 11th – 14th September 2015
6pm – 10pm Friday
9am – 6pm Saturday and Sunday
9am – 4pm Monday
Venue: Notified on registration (Warburton)

Cost: $750.00
Past participant Re-do: $450.00

Deposit: $250.00 payable by 14th August secure your place
Super Early bird: $550.00 by 14th August
Early bird: $690.00 before 28th August

What others say:
What an amazing weekend of learning, exploring, healing and sharing!
I feel very enriched by this experience, and very grateful for all the shifts that happened in my heart, mind and body.
Stephanie, you’re wonderful at bringing others to authenticity, at challenging thought patterns, old beliefs and at healing hurts – both the old, deeply rooted ones and the lighter issues.
Thank you for your wisdom, for sharing your experience with us and for doing all that with so much love and compassion.
Helena ☺

OMG Stephanie that training was mind blowing for me.
Truly I feel I’m walking between worlds at the minute.
Fk I love how you challenge me and my bullshit!
I have so much trust in you and your work.
OMG I woke up this morning with this new revelation in my head. I met my little girl for the first time during the course… Sorry I didn’t meet her truly when we worked last year. I feel such deep love for her now.
Also my orgasmic experiences took me by surprise as I truly thought it was impossible for me to feel that alive in my body – feeling the energy flowing.
Yep it is a heartfelt rant. I have had such a mind blowing soul connection experience.
I love you Stephanie Phillips.. You are amazing, beautiful and I look at you in admiration. My heart is so open I can actually feel it on a physical level.
The work you did with me breathes life into me. It all touches me so deeply. I need to completely slip off the veil. Still working on it.
Now to keep walking in this world….
Soul love and gratitude,

Your presence and validation is a breath of fresh air to me.
Not taking – just being.
Thank you. Thank you for showing me that you can be that feminine and be strong, grace and gentle.

This is an awesome course! It’s clear, you’re in the zone, you do what you say, you embody what you do, powerful transmissions, loving support, and nicely delivered information.
Big appreciation and big love!

This training is beautiful
It heals, and it also feeds.
Years ago I was asked “Why are you here?”
I answered, “This is where the light shines brightest”.
Stephanie’s work shines very bright!
And I want more light
If you want more light, I recommend walking down this path!
Choose a good practitioner, and then begin.
Peace, blessings and thank you Stephanie.

What a beautiful space to hold a workshop. Warburton in the Yarra Valley has its own powerful energy. Combine that with Stephanie’s breadth of energy, knowledge, experience delivered in a commanding and compassionate way.
This skill feels to me like it comes from someone with a deep understanding of people. No crap tolerated – only honesty and integrity in the information and skill demonstrated and given.
To learn some skills to shift energy and “de-armour” self and others is a gift.
With deep gratitude, I’m thankful to Stephanie for sharing her extensive skill and knowledge to those at the course.
Cam x

Stephanie Phillips assists in integrating new pathways for deeper sexual connection and expanded awareness, by embracing the full spectrum of body wisdom, shedding fear and contraction, and honouring the sacred practices that connect us with our authentic selves.

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September 11, 2015 @ 6:00 pm
September 14, 2015 @ 4:00 pm


Stephanie Phillips


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