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Wild Heart Call

November 9, 2021 @ 6:30 pm - December 7, 2021 @ 8:30 pm

Wild Heart Call

 5 week Online Journey for Women

This 5 week Online Journey offers you the opportunity to connect with your sexuality in a healthy way, to open to what’s possible without fear or shame. It’s a chance to let go of blocks that hinder your pleasure and connection with yourself.

Here you’ll reconnect with your heart, belly and your voice, listen to the cues of your body, and work with the incredible gift of natural energy as a channel to manifest the full joy that is at our very essence.

You’ll discover the steps for embracing sexuality in its true form, and learn a whole new way of relating to your erotic self. The intention is to open to pleasure, connecting sexual energy to the heart and through the whole body. This is a journey of unfolding your full orgasmic current.

There’s a wisdom that resides in the body, as your true essence, your power, your love. It’s all there, and it will be revealed beautifully and fully when there is no more need to hide, to protect, to avoid. That is the sweet elegance and raw potency of this work!

Throughout the program we navigate the following themes:

– Getting out of your head and into your body

– Letting go of pressure, obligation or goal-oriented sex

– Activating the erotic body through self-honouring

– Embracing Amrita, Menopause and other Mystic portals


Each week we explore the deeper aspects with guided processes to:

– Drop the old stories that no longer serve, releasing old habits and emotional blocks

– Connect with your own body wisdom as an act of self-love

– Cut cords, hooks and attachments

– Clear lineage patterns

– Remember the ancient mysteries within


What else is included?

  • You will receive 2 x PDF booklets during the course, “Sex With Your Light On” and “The Sacred Lover”, to support your new awareness at home
  • You’ll have private viewing of Stephanie’s subscriber-only video content
  • You’ll have practices and rituals for your own exploration between calls
  • You will be connected to the participant group via the Telegram App for sharing, and ongoing support with other women
  • You will complete the journey with practices to explore privately, a bonded circle of aligned women, and with a whole new path of intimacy to discover


“Once stifled by the race to achieve
Once silenced by a challenging world
The core of your majesty now emerges
A beacon of clear vibration
And here you are….”


  • The program assists you to get out of your head and drop into your body, to explore and express your sensuality in safety and trust
  • The guided practices can also release any old patterns of fear, guilt or shame which may be stuck in the body around sexual expression
  • We’re opening the energetic pathways in the body, allowing orgasmic energy to flow freely
  • We’re heeding the call of the codes that have been dormant within, from the ancient ones, the lineage of priestess power, and from the magic weavers

This is a path of embodiment, and it is unique because it harnesses our life force energy as it naturally flows through us.

The journey can be deeply healing, and can change other aspects of your life, as you let go of resistances and defences, which perhaps have held you back from expressing your full authentic self.

We express through our hips and through our heart. We ride the waves of energy that draw up through the body. We are wild, untamed, then introspective and still. We are lyrical and flowing, and we are playful and joyous. We become more conscious, more aware, and more vibrantly alive. Bonded by our ancient knowing, we come home.




  1. Is there any specific criteria to attend?

Whether you’re new to this or you’re already deep in, you’re welcome, and there’ll be plenty of goodness for you to draw from. The program is jam-packed with content. Just come however you are. There is no need to prepare in any way for the course.

  1. Will there be nudity on the calls?

There may be practices where some women may feel more comfortable undressing, and others may choose to remain clothed. We will support whatever is comfortable for you. You can always tilt your screen for privacy. We do encourage all participants to keep their video on so that the container is held, and we are all feeling ‘in it’ together.

  1. What if I’m unsure about how far this goes?

This journey supports you to stay in your body and honour what’s authentic for you, knowing that you’re held in a collective sacred space for the calls. This is not about pushing through. You are always at choice about your level of participation. We just ask that you turn up to every call as a commitment to yourself, and in support of the whole group’s process.

  1. I want to be there but I’m not sure if I can attend all the sessions. Can I still book and just watch the recordings later?

Attendance at every call is required for the safe container of our group, and for everyone to benefit fully from this experience. You’re making a commitment to yourself and to the group to instigate real changes for yourself, rather than going through the motions. If for some reason you are unable to attend a call, your advance notice will be appreciated by us all. Each session will be guided in a live format. The sessions will be recorded for revision during the journey, however no recordings will be available after the completion of the program.

Wild Heart Call

$495.00 AUD

  • 5-week course
  • 2 hour calls each week, plus video and audio content
  • Between-call practices
  • Course support group
  • 2 x PDF Booklets downloadable during the program

Dates: Tuesdays AEDT, November 9th – December 7th 2021

Times: 6.30pm – 8.30pm AEDT /UTC+11

To Book: https://www.trybooking.com/BURLM

Zoom details will be given on registration.

Bookings close November 9th at 5.30pm or when fully booked.


Payment: $495AUD in full

Or pay 2 instalments of $260AUD by course commencement

*We’ll be keeping the group small. Places fill quickly, so secure your spot early.


Check out the schedule beforehand to co-ordinate your personal time zone:
Melbourne, Australia: 6.30pm
Los Angeles, USA: 11.30pm ( Previous day)
Denpasar, Bali: 3.30pm
London, UK: 7.30am
Tel Aviv, Israel: 9.30am
Auckland, NZ: 8.30pm
For more Time Zones go to: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/


Monies are transferrable but not refundable, regardless if you leave the program, do not complete it in the time-frame provided, or don’t join the container at all.


Your guide: Stephanie is a powerful guide at the forefront of the surging conscious sexuality movement. She initiates individuals and groups through Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing and the deep remembering of our innate wisdom. Her warmth, clarity, irreverent humour and keen insights are heart-warming for all those who work with her. She draws from her extensive background in Dance, Psychotherapy, Yoga, Reiki, Bodywork modalities and the Healing Arts. This is a unique opportunity to work with the wisdom and expertise of an accomplished leader in the field who has supported thousands of people to transform their lives. She is a global facilitator, and ISTA faculty since 2015.


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Monies are transferable 
but not refundable.

What others Say:

“Stephanie’s powerful holding and surrender to orgasmic life force paved the way for me to find all that within me. It was truly life changing for me the way I experience myself and of course others. Soooo liberating. Like coming home to myself.” Yvonne

“I feel like a different woman this morning I really truly do. I am sending you so much love and gratitude today. I hope it reaches you wherever you are on this planet. Thank you for doing such incredible work. Deep gratitude.” Mez

“The course is indeed life changing. The beauty is that I feel empowered and see the goodness in myself more – more assured and confident to know what I want and not. My whole life has been groomed towards pleasing others and sacrificing myself for the betterment of others. This morning I said good bye to an issue after deliberating for months. I have gained wisdom, a great sense of self love and self-worth and a deeper understanding of myself. And I love myself greatly. Thank you very much Steph. You are a gem!” Andrea

“Your gift as a healer, practitioner and facilitator is incredible. I felt led, held, lovingly guided, safe, mentored, supported and encouraged by you. I can’t wait to work with you more. Thank you!” Janice

“I am still riding the waves from this journey. It was amazing. Deepest gratitude to you. I feel deeply connected to my feminine power.” Caz

“I always kind of knew that sexuality was important. It was something precious that I kept close to my heart yet also quite hidden in a way. But I had no idea how important and how much of a profound effect this could have on my entire being. It all makes so much sense, I’m just so, so relieved, and happy… ecstatic really! It’s amazing. I keep thinking it’s the icing on the cake, but it isn’t even that, it’s the actual cake. The cake, the icing and the candles! Haha makes me wonder… what else?! So thank you, with all my heart.” Danielle

“Over this journey I have been the child, the fool, the young innocent, the whore, the warrior, the wise woman, the mother, the Queen, the Priestess. The leader, the follower, the male, the female, the loving, the loved. I have felt the pain and the bliss. I have found myself again. I am real. I embrace all that arrives, all that has been. The boundless acceptance of the boundlessly diverse. I am alive. So alive. And this is the anthem of the moment – for the catastrophe, the masterpiece, that is Me… and for this I am truly grateful to you, Steph.” Karen

“Stephanie’s workshop changed my life, my relationship with my sensual self and opened doors to the magic that is within all of us. It is our birthright as sentient beings to experience our own vital force our own wellspring of unconditional love and nurturance. I invite you to step into the heart of yourself and your pleasure. You will never look back.” Jodi