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Finding the Gold – 7 Modules Online

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This 7 module program is a framework for breaking free, for accessing wisdom and heart-centred power, and for creating your world anew. It’s a rich journey that supports you to shed blocks and outmoded patterns, and transform your reality.


Introduction to Tantra – Online (AEDT / UTC +11 )

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This introduction to Tantra (via Zoom) explores healthy relating, and how Tantric ideals can be adapted for more nourishing connections. Take away the simple tools that allow more ease and orgasmic energy in your body, creating self-awareness and deeper intimacy. You’ll learn the 3 keys to allowing more pleasure, more ease and more trust in your connecting. This is for every body, and you’re welcome to attend solo, as a couple, or with a group.


One World Tantra Festival

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One life changing week where the top Tantra Teachers from around the world come together in a way never possible before.
Together we turn limitation into limitless, as we are free from geographic or time restrictions!
Come learn tools, techniques and practices to support you in living a more exquisite life full of love, power and ease.
Tantra is not about learning something new, but remembering who we are.


The Magic of Sex – Online

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Join us as we gather to create a beautiful online temple. Relax in the comfort of your own space. You’ll be guided to find your own gentle rhythm through breath, sound and movement. This is an experiential journey, tapping into erotic flow, envisioning, embodying, manifesting. It’s initiation through the body, remembering your sensual nature – rediscovering your sex shaman, and the magic we can weave together with honouring self-touch and heart-expression.


The Sacred Lover – Online (AEST)

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This workshop offers new ways of being with your partner or future lovers, and unlocks your own pleasure potential.
Here are the keys to accessing your own sacred lover. The ones that activate the passion within, with skill, with authentic presence, with honour and love. Here you’ll learn how to state your desires and boundaries in each interaction, so that nobody is feeling pressured to perform. You’ll experience a different way of connecting, without any agenda or results focus. This drops you into an honouring space, as you give priority to the quality of your intimacy, without the need for a particular outcome.


ISTA Wild Love – Online Festival

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This Festival is all about you being you. It is a journey within. A journey home. What is in the way of loving yourself fully? Of allowing more love into your life? Abundance? Of allowing your voice to be heard and your emotions felt? This festival is not about learning something new, but remembering who you are and doing it together with others from around the world seeking to do the same! Your community. Your tribe. In a time where many of us are feeling isolated, imagine a gathering of souls who have the intention and purpose to step into a world of more love, power, and ease.


Activating the Codes: A Guided Journey ( Free )

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Here you drop into the imaginal realm and find yourself in a safe place, a sacred place, a place that time forgot. You enter a chamber. Stepping through a doorway, you see your sacred geometry, your altar (It’s been waiting so long for you), and you remember the code that activates the portal there. Unlocking that code now, it opens up through your spine, shoots through your body, your every atom, awakening your energy centres, spiralling open through your being, and re-aligning the magic of who you are.


ISTA Online Festival – May 2020

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Join us for a four days journey of deepening self love, power and ease. Participate in life changing and enhancing workshops, talks, ceremonies and performances from the comfort of your home, led by dozens of best key note teachers from the sexual shamanic field.


The Edge Retreat – Adelaide (3 spots left)

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“The Edge” Retreat is an extended weekend residential collaboration from a passionate team, dedicated to sharing different aspects of deep embodiment, the sacred arts and consciousness. This will provide you with the opportunity to face your edge and change your relationship with your self.


Sacred Mysteries Weekend – Melbourne (Fully Booked)

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“Unlock your capacity for deeper expression of your sexuality, whether or not you are partnered. Draw on Tantric and Shamanic practices to experience more pleasure, joy and connection.”
Learn a new way of relating with your sexual self, shedding the layers of old habits and conditioning. Connect this life-giving energy to the heart and through the whole body.
A journey into the self, of self-love, and an unfolding of your full orgasmic flow….