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Finding the Gold – 7 Modules Online

January 5, 2021 - January 26, 2021

A transformational group immersion over 7 online sessions
A deep dive masterclass intensive
A life-changer

This 7 module program is a framework for breaking free, for accessing wisdom and heart-centred power, and for creating your world anew. It’s a rich journey that supports you to shed blocks and outmoded patterns, wake up a new world, and transform your reality – into elegance, potency, and bounteous possibilities.

There is a shift coming in the New Year for sure. So much is in play. This is a time for seeding, clearing and showing up fully in our truth, no matter what. What wants to come through now? What needs to die? What gifts are to be born, what gems discovered?

“Finding the Gold” is here to support this emergence in you and I’m excited to be sharing it with you.

The Essence:

This is a program of 7 modules (2 per week) held through January. Each component is a self-contained ritual. These hand-picked processes are the most powerful pattern-shifters I know. They work. They change things. Hence, this journey is for those who are tired of their own excuses, and done with the same old dramas showing up in their lives.

The components each hold a sacred essence. These potent game-changers are imbued with elegance, depth and grit. They’ve been well-worn staples in my tool-kit for 30 odd years in my transformational mentorships. Each is part of this immersion as a critical piece of the alchemical puzzle. One infused element follows the next, unique in quality and yet together they facilitate an unfolding, a birthing, an emergence for your gifts, for your being.

It’s going to be a unique quest for every participant. It’s not designed as a homogenised program. And it may be calling you. It may be just where you need to be at this time, to reveal your unique path, to claim your place at this time on the planet.

How do we work?
Each module will be held on Zoom.
We will meet on the designated days from 6.30pm – 8.30pm (AEDT / UTC+11) for a check-in, some background theory and then the guided transmission curated for that day. You’ll be in your own space and in your own process, and yet supported in the group.

I can’t attend all of the live sessions, can I still join the course?
Every session will be guided in a live format. They will be recorded and made available to participants via our private facebook group to refer back to during the course. Live attendance to every module is strongly recommended for a connected and shared group experience, and to increase your engagement with the program content.

I’m self-isolating in a space where I don’t have privacy, so will I be able to participate?
The processes can be modified to fit your situation. Try to find a quiet space where you can be as fully present as possible for the material, but you can always come back to the recordings in the private Facebook group and complete the process when you have more privacy.

There will be no recordings available after the program is complete.

Check out the schedule beforehand to co-ordinate your personal time zone.

Melbourne, Australia: 6.30pm
Los Angeles, USA: 11.30pm ( Previous day)
Denpasar, Bali: 3.30pm
London, UK: 7.30am
Tel Aviv, Israel: 9.30am
Auckland, NZ: 8.30pm
For more Time Zones go to: https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Who is this Program for?
It’s for those who are ready:
to break down the blocks that have been holding them back
to manifest their new world
to bring through their gold
to create the vibrant life that they desire
Are you done with all the reasons why not?
Is it time to say ‘yes’ to the magic?

We are revolutionising your reality, and you’re going to be covering a lot of ground, in both your inner and outer worlds.
You are the creator of your own story. This is for you if you want to create something extraordinary!

This program guides you to:
– Create your intention, plant that seed in the realm beyond, and call it in
– Connect with your vision, claim back what’s yours with conviction – own it!
– Shed the blocks and distortions by clearing old patterning
– Tap into your orgasmic flow, through embodying, expressing, sharing and manifesting
– Align with your soul’s blueprint and step forward with power and purpose

There will be resistances and there will be challenges, and there will be the support for you to drop those things that no longer serve. This will be your creation, your unique statement, encoded with echoes from eons ago, transmitted through and resonating with a vibration that’s clear and true. The ‘work’ is over. Now the symphony begins!

How we journey together:

We all meet twice-weekly for 7 modules via Zoom
(Held on Tuesday and Friday evenings AEDT/UTC+11)
On each call we’ll gather to connect for a transmission, a ritual.

Each module is a self-contained chapter, a piece in the puzzle, a part of the whole.
We build the pieces together, one step at a time:
– Manifesting rituals
– Mini vision-quests
– Self pleasure and sex magic ceremony
– Processes for clearing
– Mystic code activation
– Deep journey to claim back your treasure

Module 1
See the vision:

What can you imagine – however wild and wonderful?
Our first task is to vision – and in that vision you recognise a familiar echo. You recall this voice, you remember this map, this carving, this etching, this symbol
Tapping into the imaginal realm. This is the stuff of other dimensions – existing in that other plane.
Call them in now.

Module 2
Clear the blocks: 

Release the constriction, the pain and the patterning that shuts down the dream, sabotages the awakening, and keeps you small and trapped in the matrix.
Going gently now as you drop what no longer serves.

Module 3
Hold the innocent child: 

We go back in time to rewrite the story, to rewire the circuitry.
Hold the child in you, safe and loved, so that they’re free to be the innocent child, free to play and be curious, full of wonder, free to be the magical child within you – your most precious teacher and sweetest delight.

Module 4
Remember the echoes:

Waking up the codes which hold your calling. We journey deep into the inner chambers of your cave.
The lineage of your family is here to witness your return. The ancient ones support you – the keepers of the mysteries. They’ve been waiting. Invite them to journey with us as you light the flame as way-shower, magician, priest/ess, temple pillar, and conduit for awakening on the planet.

Module 5
Reconnect with the body:

Tap into embodied wisdom. It never lies.
Rest back in your body, and learn to open to all its gifts.
Ride the intensity, acknowledge and express everything that it offers up, from your base to your heart, and express through your voice, calling out your loss, your rage, and the sweet surrender to joy and orgasmic flow.

Module 6
Become the master:

Now step beyond safety. Reach into the unknown.
Open to the power of every aspect that you have held within.
Break free from the conditioning that is no longer useful. Tear up the contracts.
Discard the linear definition of restricted roles that inhibit your freedom.
Break open to exalt through your heart and your voice, and claim your place through the actions you now take in the world.

Module 7
Find the magic:

What holds you back, argues for limitations? Shake off the residue, the dross.
You have cast your seed, and universal law starts its natural course as your vision starts to manifest. Watch for synchronicity, and signs – the riddles and the clues. You are a magician, in connection and aligned now with the more expansive fields of energy. Universal law creates a space for you as you step into the wheel of creative life.

Throughout the Program we are in a group dynamic, and you’ll be witness for each other. Each will have their own quest. Each journey is unique.
*Attendance to every module is required for the safe container of our group, and for everyone to benefit fully from this experience.

Also Includes:
– “Sex with Your Light On” booklet
–  Special rates for the “Body Whisperer Training 2021”
We will be meeting via Zoom, and through a private Facebook group. You’ll be given access to the group once you’ve registered.

All the details:

Dates: January 5th – 26th 2021
Frequency: Twice-weekly on Tuesday and Friday evenings AEDT/UTC+11 for 7 modules via Zoom

Module 1: Tuesday, January 5th
Module 2: Friday, January 8th
Module 3: Tuesday, January 12th
Module 4: Friday, January 15th
Module 5: Tuesday, January 19th
Module 6: Friday, January 22nd
Module 7: Tuesday, January 26th

Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm (AEDT /UTC +11)
Cost: From AUD$750
Tickets: https://www.trybooking.com/BMOBN

The Zoom meeting ID will be provided on your registration. You can book for one, two, or as a group at your place.

About your Facilitator:
Stephanie is a global teacher at the forefront of the conscious sexuality movement. She initiates groups with Tantric and shamanic processes, pattern reframing and the deep call of our inner wisdom. She works with practical basics, guided journeys, movement expression, humanistic psychology, transpersonal themes, shadow work, sacred sexuality and the healing arts. Here is a unique opportunity to work with the wisdom and expertise of a leader in the field who has supported thousands of people to transform their lives.

What Others Say:

“Stephanie is all kinds of Wow!” Suzie

“Before working with Stephanie I was dealing with some issues I was embarrassed to talk about to anyone else and having difficulty in setting boundaries in relationships. I am so much more confident now and more comfortable in speaking to men in my life. I also have been using all the tools I was given which has really helped me to self regulate. I highly recommend anyone to work with Stephanie that wants to feel more ecstasy and love in there life. Thank you for helping me to become the best version of myself.” Alexandra

“I see what your work can do for people, and this is a very powerful force of good, healthy and practical personal connections that will benefit our emotionally impoverished and out-of-kilter society. My journey with you has been safe, well taught, deeply engaging and personally challenging, and I see how these workshops build bridges that cross the enormous divide of peoples’ lives. They need this way of congruence.”

“This was an amazingly significant experience for me. I was completely unprepared for the power of this group experience and will be utilizing what I have learned every day for the rest of my life no doubt! Parts of this course were absolutely rewiring my history and how life works. Stephanie, thank you for never taking “I can’t” for an answer, and for so profoundly influencing my life and our lives.” Lewis

“Yes, yes, yes! This work changes lives! Thank you for helping bring me back to life! Love” Carrie

“I didn’t expect to gain so much from an online session. I could really feel the energy move, and it was actually good to be in my own space, where I’m comfortable. It felt intimate as well. Thank you for creating a connection that allowed me to find this part of myself again. It was do-able. I can open my world up from my lounge room. It felt good.” Nick

“This is the second of your live events I’ve attended. I enjoyed both so much. Your workshops are so uplifting. They are also very informative, helpful, insightful and enlightening.  They touch me deeply as well. I appreciate the simplicity, precision and clarity with which you share your wisdom.  Thank you so much for the work that you do which is so needed in the world today! Much love and deep gratitude.” Sarah

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