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ISTA Festival – Online

January 28 - January 31


Include yourself in this four day journey to expand your self-love, power, and ease in these chaotic times, when the full range of emotions is stirring and bubbling…a time when we have much less to Do and more space to Be. In this unique time in our history and evolution, the wisdom, experience, and tools to navigate the unknown that ISTA has to share with the world are more vital than ever.

☘️ A 4 day 24/7 journey fitting to all time zones.

☘️ Open for anyone and everyone craving depth, transformation, and a sense of ease in these chaotic times.

☘️ Life-changing workshops, talks, ceremonies, rituals, and performances ranging from Shamanism to Tantra from the comfort of your home.

☘️ 30 days of access to the recorded workshops.

☘️ Join the “ISTA online festival community” Facebook group, share and connect with the global tribe.

☘️ Dozens of the best keynote teachers from the sexual shamanic field.

🐉 In-depth workshops for festival participants that are ISTA Level 1 Graduates

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This festival is all about you being YOU. It is a journey within. A journey home. What is in the way of loving yourself fully? Of allowing more love into your life? Of expressing your voice, to be heard and your emotions fully felt? This festival is not about learning something new, but remembering who you are and doing it together with others worldwide! Your community. Your tribe.

This gathering may be much more than just a festival. It may be a new beginning as you awaken to the possibility that we can live at our ease in this unique moment in time and beyond.

You do not need to be an ISTA graduate to partake in this festival experience. All are welcome- beginners and experienced alike!

This festival will not be a bypass to creating a distant dream-life, but will explore how to stand in the fire of change, lean into the discomfort of the unknown, and powerfully meet, be present to, and move with the ecstatic current of life as our world is changing before our eyes.

This festival is vital, powerful and relevant to now.

Bring your curiosity, your desire, your fear, your vulnerability, your courage, your questions, your doubts, your hopes & your dreams. All of you is welcome here!

You choose your own adventure at the ISTA Festival.

May it take you somewhere more beautiful than you imagined possible!

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