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ISTA Online Festival – May 2020

May 1, 2020 - May 4, 2020

We are thrilled to invite you to the first
Join us for a four days journey of deepening self love, power and ease. Participate in life changing and enhancing workshops, talks, ceremonies and performances from the comfort of your home, led by dozens of best key note teachers from the sexual shamanic field.

For full information visit: https://istafestival.online/
Get your ticket now: https://istafestival.online/tickets

✦ This festival is open for anyone and everyone that is craving depth, transformation and a sense of ease in these chaotic times.✦


In these days of uncertainty and isolation, when the full range of emotions are stirring up…a time when we have much less to Do and more space to Be, see and meet all parts of ourselves – shadow and light. At this unique time in our history and evolution, the wisdom, experience, and tools to navigate the unknown that ISTA has to share with the world are more vital now than ever.

You are invited to join us May 1-4 for a unique Online Festival Experience! The ISTA Festival offers four days and nights of inspiring and life-changing workshops, talks, and rituals led by an incredible team of top facilitators from ISTA, the International School of Temple Arts.

✦ You do not need to have completed any previous ISTA events or trainings to partake in this festival experience. All are welcome beginners and experienced alike! ✦


You can witness and participate from anywhere in the world. We will have offerings at various times, fitting for all timezones as well as recorded materials so you do not have to miss out on anything.

Come receive teachings ranging from Shamanism to Tantra and learn specific tools and techniques to support you in this time of global pause and beyond. Our rich program will include Experiential workshops, Lectures, Sacred Rituals, Conscious Dance, Live Music, and Art Performances as we raise our spirits, empower our sexuality and expand our consciousness as a community into a living breathing expression of Love.

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What is an ISTA Festival? 

This Festival is all about you being you. It is a journey within. A journey home. What is in the way of loving yourself fully? Of allowing more love into your life? Abundance? Of allowing your voice to be heard and your emotions felt? This festival is not about learning something new, but remembering who you are and doing it together with others from around the world seeking to do the same! Your community. Your tribe.

In a time where many of us are feeling isolated, imagine a gathering of souls who have the intention and purpose to step into a world of more love, power, and ease. This gathering may be much more than just a festival, it may be a new beginning as you awaken to the possibility that we can live in our ease in this unique moment in time and beyond.

Bring your curiosity, your desire, your fear, your vulnerability, your courage, your questions, your doubts, your hopes & your dreams. All of you is welcome here! You get to go at your own pace participating in as much as you wish and taking space when you need it. There are facilitators, healers and allies to support you on this journey. You choose your own adventure at the ISTA Festival. May it take you somewhere more beautiful than you imagined possible!

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Teachers, Artists & Content

🌎 ISTA Lead Faculty 🌎
Bruce Lyon, Ohad Pele, Janine Ma Ree, Rex Rafik, KamalaDevi, Laurie Handlers, Baba Dez, Komala Lyra, Crystal Dawn, Elaine Young, Dawn Cherie, Araminta Barbour, Raffaello Manacorda.

🌎 ISTA Faculty 🌎
Eugene Hedlund, Penny Goldmuntz, Shachar Caspi, Michal Maayan Don, Diana
Prem Shakti, Jasmeen Hana, Karam Satyam, Xavier De Forceville,
Sujay Shemesh, Frank Mondeose, Avishag Maya Zloof, Marion Ellyard, Stephanie Phillips, Buddhi Dana, Amber Ra, Clara Gomez Santos.

🌎 ISTA Apprentices & Organizers 🌎
Roni Makatu, Liz Morris, Yehoo Shalem, Nimai Sunra Lev Shalem,

Base ticket price is $100, which gives you full access to the festival including all live workshops and 7 days access to replays of those which were recorded.

✦ Get your ticket at: https://istafestival.online/tickets

We understand at this time some of us are in a significant financial struggle, some are ok but challenged and some of us are actually doing quite well, so we have below multiple ticket price options:

⭐ Regular Ticket Price – 100$ ⭐
Just that, our base ticket price for a full festival access.

⭐ Sponsorship Ticket – 200$ ⭐
For those with extra to share, one ticket for you and one ticket for someone in need of support. (more information below)

⭐ Economic Hardship Discount Ticket – 50$ ⭐
A 50% discount for anyone who is having a challenge financially.

⭐ Double Sponsorship Ticket – 300$ ⭐
One ticket for you, and two tickets for people in need of support.

⭐ Full Scholarship Tickets (by application) ⭐
For those who wish to attend the festival, but are unable to pay anything financially toward the ticket at this time, please fill out this form and we will match you with Sponsorship tickets as they come in!

✦ Get your ticket at: https://istafestival.online/tickets

Know that each ticket purchase is also financially supporting the artists and presenters.


We are excited about the shared journey that awaits us. Such an event has never happened before in this way. We invite you to jump with us into the mystery and see what treasures are there to be found.

Eugene, Makatu & Yehoo


Important Information:

This is an alcohol and drug-free event, we invite you to come and explore using purely the medicines of our being, generated by breath, movement, sound, eros and emotional work.

This festival includes nudity, sexual content, and activities that move our bodies and emotions.

Each participant’s process is an individual process happening in a festival space shared with many other participants. A certain level of self-responsibility is required to navigate in the sexual shamanic realm healthily.

People that suffer from a known and deep-seated trauma, unstable mental states, or a health issue that might be dangerous; are asked to consult with doctors and other professionals regarding their participation in the festival. If you consulted with a professional and got the approval to take part in the festival, please let us know.