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Ways to the Oneness – Melbourne

February 17 - February 18


This deep weekend workshop is designed to assist you in shedding blocks and outmoded patterns, and deepening your existing awareness.

Led by internationally renowned facilitators Stephanie Phillips and Jason Bart, Ways to The Oneness is a rich immersion supporting you to transform your reality into potency, freedom and limitless possibilities.

How can we expand our capacity to fully own all that we are, and those parts that we have denied? How do we bring these parts home within us, and integrate all aspects with both a fierce love, and a gentle holding?

When you own all parts of self, the fear collapses its hold on you. No more struggle with the dynamics that felt so exhausting. With courage, and heart, all of you can come to rest in alignment.

All the Info:

Dates: February 17th – 18th 2024
Venue: Vine and Branches Chapel – Lower Plenty
Times: Saturday and Sunday, 10am – 6pm
Cost: $450 first 10 tickets / then $550
Tickets: https://events.humanitix.com/ways-to-the-oneness-feb-24
This is a non-residential retreat. You’re welcome to return home on the Saturday night, or seek local accommodation. Lunch will be provided on both days.

Saturday: we will explore the polarities within – the masculine and feminine aspect, the poles of spirituality and matter, the inner realms and outer reality, and density and spaciousness. The junction point for these polarities is through our magnificent, orgasmic heart.

Sunday: we deep dive beyond these polarities into the non-dual, into the oneness. We will empty everything we thought we needed to be, to follow the call home to the stillness of source within. And from this vortex of primordial dark comes an impulse, a seed, a current that upwells. From this place, the ecstatic current births from the mystery. Nothing to do, no pushing, or making it happen. No techniques. Nothing but the pure frequency of love upwelling as life’s expression. Life is moving us.

This immersion is suited for people of any gender, orientation and relationship status. Singles as well as couples find the experience life changing and enriching, taking their capacity for relating beyond where they’ve gone before. Whether you enrol to deepen your relating or for personal transformation, the experience highlights the ultimate wisdom of the soul-being. This is about coming home to the inner current of life that wants to move you.

The immersion is crafted from Stephanie and Jason’s years of shamanic, transpersonal and tantric group work around the world. All of you is welcome in this two-day experience, which is a combination of learning, experiential practices, and guided inner journeys. You’ll be guided through exercises that are simple yet profound, in both group processes and solo practices. There’ll also be time for integration, reflections and sharing circles.

Throughout the event you are supported in finding what is authentic for you, as you awaken the parts of you that yearn to be seen and expressed.

This portal can be deeply healing, and can change other aspects of your life, as you release blocks and old conditioning which hold you back from expressing your full authentic self.

Previous experience in working with emotional and energetic intensity is helpful, but no particular prerequisites are needed. During the weekend you will be encouraged to self-regulate and stay sovereign, and you are fully at choice at all times. The content is paced for the group, but everyone’s truth is different and is honoured within the container. Your needs and boundaries are respected at all times.

Join us as we drop the stories, and reset our reality for more love, power and freedom.

Tickets: https://events.humanitix.com/ways-to-the-oneness-feb-24

What others say:

“Incredibly powerful ….I truly have shifted so much in my body, I feel more connected to myself, the earth, cosmos, my purpose…my body is filled with love!!!!! This has been like fertiliser for my soul!” Dan

“This retreat changed my life. I know with all my heart and soul that Stephanie Phillips ‘s facilitation is THE BEST and WORLD CLASS. She is fully embodied in her teachings. You can feel that moment she walks in the room. Her integrity with her work, her ability to read the room give us exactly what we need, her knowledge and embodied wisdom Tantra & sacred sexuality is just incredible. She is truly a rare teacher to find. If you’re in this journey to get to know yourself intimately, go deeper, I highly recommend her retreats. You will be whole NEW person. It is an investment worthwhile!” Selenge

“My mind and my body have been re united… and what does that feel like? It feels like laying naked on the warm earth with the sun kissing my skin. It feels like standing on a bare hill watching a storm approach, with the wind tearing at my flesh, exposed and vulnerable to its full fury. It feels like dancing in a circle of fire to the vibration of a hundred beating drums. It feels like finding the safest most beautiful refuge, a sacred place that I know I belong and then realising I never have to leave. This is a precious gift, and I will be forever grateful to you for showing that to me.” Danielle


Lower Plenty
Victoria 3093 Australia + Google Map