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Mysteries of the Dark: for Women – fully booked

February 21 - February 25

5 Day Residential Deep Dive for Women 

~ February 21st – 25th 2024 ~

We are landing the ecstatic. We are landing the sacred dark mysteries that we hold in our bodies. In our hearts. In our wombs. And we re-weave this memory through the land, through our own bodies, and through sharing sacred space together.

Mysteries of the Dark is a once-in-a-lifetime immersion experience.

It includes potent energetic work, land-based journeying, and spiralling deeply into the core of our beings, to collectively remember the Mysteries that we are rebirthing into this world.

This retreat will be held on a stunning four acre sanctuary of magical gardens and old growth trees, in the deeply feminine embrace of the Yarra Valley, at Warburton. This is land that Stephanie is custodian of. We will be nestled between statuesque Mt Donna Buang and the powerful Birrarung river.

The mystical archetypes that journey with us will support us. We will be connecting with trees, earth, the waters, the mud, sun, breeze, feathers and all the creatures that live here and witness and share our remembering.

This is an opportunity for a true co-creation, comprising deep connection with Self, with the Earth, and with each other. This is not a workshop for skills and techniques, or tips and tricks. This is a space where you bring only yourself, when you’re ready to cross the threshold.

This is an activation, a coming home, and a soul-call journey. It’s an opportunity to drop the the layers of the personal that you’ve developed in order to function in a world that doesn’t support the deep power within us. This is an opportunity to reawaken the deep wisdom that we hold within our beings, of magic and knowing, and of connection to our vibrational essence.

Here is an opportunity to drop everything you thought that you needed to know, to drop everything you thought you needed to be. To allow parts of yourself to die. And to bring forth the ecstatic current that is vibrantly alive, and have that honoured, and celebrated. We have lost connection with this over the centuries. Perhaps this is the time to reclaim it.

This is an opportunity to surrender to the deep, dark spiralling descent of the ancient feminine codes. We will have shared journeys and solo journeys that take us deep into our soul remembering. There will also be embodiment practices to awaken the dormant codes, and to open the orgasmic current that resides in us all.

We will be working with ancestral lineage healing to clear anything that has been passed down from generation to generation that does not serve us now. We will be accessing powerful aspects of ourselves that have not been mirrored in our society and yet we still hold in our hearts and our bellies.

In remembering our own sacred power, we enter the womb portal. We rediscover the inner sanctum, the deepest chamber that we hold within us that connects heaven through us as a conduit deep down into the earth.

We sit in circle, dance, and share what is moving through us, what is alive and what needs to shift and rewire. We will support and witness each other in our wildness, our fragility, our tenderness, our vulnerability and our full expression.

It’s also a time for nurturing, nourishment, and rest. There will be time to journal, to reflect, to lie on the earth, for stillness and gentle reflection.

Dates: February 21st – 25th 2024
Venue: Warburton  (Details on registration)

Prices vary with accommodation styles:

Offsite Accommodation: $1400 ( First 3 tickets: $1320 )
Find your own accommodation nearby. There are great Airbnb’s within 5 minutes of my land and we can connect you with others for a shared house if you choose. You’ll join us for all meals as part of our immersion.

Glamping tent: $1720 (First 3 tickets: $1590)
Share a bell tent on the property with up to 5 others. Beds and linens will be set up for you. Outdoor shower, tap water and camping toilet provided. All meals included.

BYO tent: $1490 ( First 3 tickets: $1390)
You set up your own tent on the land. Outdoor shower, tap water and camp toilet provided. All meals included.

Price includes training, course materials, all meals and some levels of accommodation.
Payments are transferable but not refundable.

To register:
1. Complete the Intake form: https://forms.gle/7pdCH58jvThg…
2. Book your spot: Mysteries of the Dark Tickets

Our mystical retreat space is on Stephanie’s property just 90 minutes east of Melbourne CBD. If you are staying on the land, please bring your own pillow, towel, and doona/sleeping bag.

Nourishing and healthy meals, from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day, will be provided for the duration of the immersion, lovingly cooked on site. Organic and local produce will comprise the majority of the food offering.

This immersion is facilitated by Stephanie Phillips, creator of this body of work. It is being birthed for the first time, and in deep connection with the magical land we’ll be journeying on.

Stephanie is a powerful guide at the forefront of the international conscious sexuality movement. She initiates individuals and groups through Tantric and shamanic practices, pattern reframing, and the deep remembering of our innate wisdom. She is known for her warmth, clarity, irreverent humour and keen insights. She draws from her extensive background in Psychotherapy, Yoga, Reiki, Dance, Bodywork modalities and the Healing Arts. She is a global facilitator, and ISTA faculty since 2015.

What others say:

“Lifetimes of knowledge condensed into a week. Profound journeys balanced with plenty of rest allowing the body to remember and gently return home. Pain, grief, anger is all transformed into spaciousness, joy, energy, pleasure and flow. Deep gratitude to Stephanie for standing tall and steadfast in this truth, bringing this transmission, so that we can vibrate alive and present innocent and wise in the world.”  Becky

“I feel so complete. Thank you for incredible days of deep journeying with all of the parts of me. An opportunity to tune in deeply with my blocks and my attachments to them – and then to release them. It’s been a potent journey with such delicious slow tenderness. I’ve felt so very safe and completely held and the deep personal shifts have been profound. I came away with a clarity and ease in my body that’s completely new.” Heidi

The upcoming Mysteries of the Dark immersion is a unique opportunity to work with the wisdom and expertise of an accomplished leader in the field who has supported thousands of people to transform their lives.

No specific previous experience or attendance at previous trainings is necessary to join this event. The Intake form will give us relevant background information about you, so that we establish that we are a good fit for you and that you have the call and the capacity to deep dive with us.

To register:
1. Complete the Intake form: https://forms.gle/7pdCH58jvThg…
2. Book your spot: Mysteries of the Dark Tickets

💫 And there’s more….
Following, we invite you to a 2 day Integration on March 9th and 10th in Lower Plenty, Melbourne ( The Integrated Village) with the men from “The Initiation Journey“, a 7 day Men’s retreat with dear soul brothers Jason Bart, and Greg Barwick. 
Contact Patty for more info: 0434 703 274


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