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Women of the New Earth Tribe – Melbourne

March 8 - March 10

This is a weekend for meeting and creating a village vision with the incredible men just completing their week-long “Initiation Journey for Men” with Jason Bart and Greg Barwick in Melbourne.

We focus on genuine connection of the heart and soul, mutual respect, and a shared vision for a better world through a deeper understanding of Self. It’s about creating a space where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered. The men and women of the New Earth Tribe are not just participants in this change; we are its architects, designing a new matrix for living that others can follow.

The weekend, bringing the men and women together, will be facilitated by me (Stephanie), Jason and Greg.
Venue: Vine and Branches, Lower Plenty, Melbourne.
Dates: March 8th at 7pm – March 10th at 6pm.
Full price: $450.00
* First 5 tickets: $400.00
Tickets here: https://www.trybooking.com/CPBCO
Please note: These tickets are for the women ready to participate in a co-creating weekend. There are only 10 places available.

This is a fully catered residential weekend.

Here’s the vision:
As we step into the Aquarian age, the dynamics for relating are being redefined – becoming healthier, more honouring, more harmonious. The idea is to move away from the outdated and often toxic norms that have long governed our societies. In this new age, it means standing in support and allowing others to shine. This is the time for a beautiful union of the masculine and feminine energies to emerge.
Women, we are being invited into the space where a brave group of amazing men have been immersing in a deep, potent dive, dismantling their old patterns and programs, and bringing through their heart, potency and purpose in celebration of life, and in service to the planet. We’ll enter the space to meet this new emergence of healthy masculine, to witness him, and to also receive the gaze of the “him” that has been missing in the world. We naturally, bring our own unique magic, heart-power and wisdom to this union. There is an integration and healing here for all in the space, creating a unity that is vital for the well-being of the tribe and, by extension, the Earth.The integration of these energies in the New Earth Tribe is a necessary evolution for at this time on the planet. As we move away from a world rife with conflict, misunderstanding, and division, the coming together of these energies heralds a new way of co-existing, one that is rich, nourishing, and, most importantly, authentic.

Tickets here: https://www.trybooking.com/CPBCO

* Men, if you’re called to be part of the 9 day Initiation Journey for men, go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/2451354928378930


Lower Plenty
Victoria 3093 Australia + Google Map