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Priestess Practitioner Training – Melbourne

Ivanhoe Ivanhoe, Victoria

Educating in the area of conscious sexuality is a rapidly expanding field. A Tantric Synergy Priestess assists men through the steps for reconnecting with their sexual energy in a healthy way, and for allowing more pleasure and intimacy in their relating. This is a unique practitioner training, for those wanting to start or enhance an existing practice, or to enrich their personal life.

ISTA Level 1 – Northern Rivers, NSW

412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW, Australia 412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW

If you are ready to transform your life, this experiential 7-day training is for you! Thousands of people on 5 continents in over 40 countries have attended ISTA trainings over the past 10 years. Many have been radically changed by uncovering reactive patterns and transforming them into conscious and more loving ways of being. WHAT […]

Body Whisperer 3 Day Experience – Northern NSW

412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW, Australia 412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW

Whether you enrol to deepen your Tantric relating or for personal transformation, this experience highlights the ultimate wisdom of the body. This is about coming home to yourself, and allowing the pleasure and power that wants to express through you.

Body Whisperer Retreat – NSW ( Fully Booked )

412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW, Australia 412-422 Main Creek Rd, Cougal, NSW

“This is an experience of expansion rather than disconnection, of opening rather than shutting down, of empowerment rather than fear and contraction.” This 7 day residential training is held at the gorgeous Sine Cera Rainforest Retreat in the Northern Rivers. It introduces practices for releasing physical, emotional and energetic restrictions in the body for high […]

ISTA PT – Costa Rica

Costa Rica

In the ISTA Practitioner Training (ISTA-PT) we synthesize the powerful tools taught in the ISTA level 1 with essential skills needed to guide powerful hands-on sexual transformational methods woven together over years of experience and developing the field of practitioner work. It is a holistic, in-depth system for transformation which emphasizes the power of sexual energy and the ways in which we can utilize the natural flow of this energy to provide a valuable framework for sexual wholeness, both in the sense of unraveling sexual “dysfunction” and in the sense of restoring trust and harmony between Masculine and Feminine. The ISTA-PT teaches how to facilitate sessions using these transformative tools.

ISTA Practitioner Training – Melbourne

Victoria Victoria

Continuing Personal Growth Education Towards Professional Development for ISTA Graduates
This training is a unique, comprehensive and career-focused program that will support your development as a skilled practitioner, whether by adding to your existing skills or by giving you the confidence to set up your own business.
Jump to the next level of your career as a sacred sexual practitioner!
We aim to support the graduates of ISTA to further their knowledge and transform their lives and careers into the field as skilled practitioners to facilitate sessions for somatic sexual healing.

ISTA Level 1 – Portugal


Welcoming all who feel called to join this ISTA training in Portugal. This Solstice energy can become fertile ground for creative soulful living. We will be held inside a beautiful nature valley, home to on an old sanctuary that dates back for centuries. Alentejo has been a base for temples for over 7000 years, with several megalithic stone circles spread across the region. Allow yourself to be taken by the land as it gently whispers its mysteries to you.

4-Day Priestess Training – Fully booked

Warburton Victoria

Learn how to assist men to reconnect with their sexual energy in a healthy way Educating in the area of conscious sexuality is a rapidly expanding field. There’s been a growing awareness over the last few years, as people search for more authentic ways to connect, to express, to heal and to grow. Assisting this […]


Taste of Love Tantra Festival – Nth NSW

Tyalgum NSW

This festival offers workshops, lectures, and experiential sessions led by renowned experts in the field of Sex Love & Consciousness -  World experts who create a safe space for you to grow. Discover the transformative power of Tantra and learn tools to deepen your relationships and cultivate more pleasure in your life. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

Ways to the Oneness: Weekend – Melbourne

Lower Plenty Victoria

This deep weekend workshop is designed to assist you in shedding blocks and outmoded patterns, and deepening your existing awareness. Led by internationally renowned facilitators Stephanie Phillips and Jason Bart, Ways to The Oneness is a rich immersion supporting you to transform your reality into potency, freedom and limitless possibilities. How can we expand our capacity to fully […]