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ISTA Level 1 – Sydney

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This powerful 8 day retreat is a training for life and love and is for everyone: practitioners, would-be practitioners and anyone who desires to take their personal empowerment to another level and to deepen their abilities of Self Mastery.
“If you are still resisting taking this training, I can say only one thing. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE. A chance to connect with the power and freedom inside you. Balance your feminine and masculine energy, to love and be present – even if it hurts. This training CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m going into the world now free and light, and happy to be part of the great Universe.” Anonymous, Ireland training


Tantric Synergy Training

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Tantric Synergy offers a unique practitioner training for those wanting to start or enhance an existing practice, or to enrich their personal life. Guide others through the steps for reconnecting with their sexual energy in a healthy way, and allowing more pleasure and intimacy in their relating.
Educating in the area of conscious sexuality is a rapidly growing field. There’s been a growing awareness over the last few years, as people search for more authentic ways to connect, to express, to heal and to grow. Assisting this sexual awakening is incredibly important work in our current world. It can facilitate enormous growth for those seeking this experience, and can be deeply humbling as a life path.


Recalling the Sacred Mysteries – Sydney

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A powerful experiential journey of Shamanic Tantra in Sydney, tapping into life force flow, through visioning, embodying, expressing, sharing, supporting and witnessing. Explore your luminous essence through engaging with your elemental nature – a way of coming home to Self. This is a ritual space for accessing and releasing constriction of orgasmic flow through breath, sound and movement, and exalting in the potency and freedom of our sacred essence.


The Body Whisperer Experience

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This 5 day course in a secluded nature haven right near the Yarra River in Melbourne introduces practices for releasing physical, emotional and energetic restrictions in the body for high vibrational healing and conscious awakening. Healing happens when we shed the stories and blocks that are held in the body, just as the serpent sheds its skin. Releasing what no longer serves us, our life force energy can circulate through our system as naturally as the elements flow with the cosmos. We charge vibrant joy through our hearts, stand in awakened ease, and richly weave our magic in the world.


Sacred Mysteries Weekend

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Allow your body to open as a celebration of life… A revelation of love and freedom! Unlock your capacity for deeper expression of your sexuality, whether or not you are partnered. Draw on Tantric and Shamanic practices to experience more pleasure, joy and connection. Learn a whole new way of relating to your sexual self that sheds the layers of old habits and conditioning. Connect this life-giving energy to the heart and through the whole body.
A journey into the self, of self-love, and an unfolding of your full orgasmic flow….


Orgasmic Alchemy

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Harnessing sexual energy to create your new reality… This evening talk captures a longing that is rarely addressed in our 3D world. Stephanie speaks with passion about a deeper, more integrated way of being, once we have shed the constrictions that hold us in our habitual patterns.