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Body Whisperer Preview Night

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Join us for the Body Whisperer Preview Night – a taster for the upcoming 5 day Body Whisperer Experience. The evening will be an exploration of physical, emotional and energetic synergy, of releasing old stories, calming the nervous system and aligning with awakened ease and vibrant joy.


Orgasmic Alchemy

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Harnessing sexual energy to create your new reality….
This evening talk captures a longing that is rarely addressed in our 3D world.
Stephanie speaks with passion about a deeper, more integrated way of being, once we have shed the constrictions that hold us in our habitual patterns.


Intro to Tantric Sexuality

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When it’s time to let go of old conditioning which no longer supports a fulfilling sexuality, learn and integrate new skills and practices from the time honoured traditions of Tantra, for expanded awareness and deeper intimacy”. For those curious about Tantra, and for people wanting to deepen into their sexual and spiritual lives. Explore healthy […]


Body Whisperer Practitioner Training

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“Incorporating deeper levels of sexual consciousness and expression. Dissolve the old stories and the stuck patterns so that freedom and ecstatic connection is reality. Awaken orgasmic energy in ways that create more love, pleasure and expansion, witnessing the return home to self….”


Body Whisperer Experience

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Highlighting the body’s ultimate wisdom. Healing happens when we shed the stories and blocks that are held there, just as the serpent sheds its skin. Releasing what no longer serves us, our life force energy can circulate through our system as naturally as the elements flow with the cosmos.


Orgasmic Healing

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Orgasmic energy is ours by nature. It runs through our body as life force energy. When this awakens in us, we can connect with our true purpose here. It aligns our base, our heart and our higher senses as an integrated expression of our power and our light.


The Body Whisperer – Level 1

This 3.5 day course in the beautiful Yarra Valley introduces the basics for releasing physical, emotional and energetic restrictions in the body for high vibrational healing and conscious awakening. Whether you enrol for personal transformation or as a practitioner, the Body Whisperer Level 1 Practitioner Training course highlights the body’s ultimate wisdom. Healing happens when […]