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Finding the Gold – 7 Modules Online

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This 7 module program is a framework for breaking free, for accessing wisdom and heart-centred power, and for creating your world anew. It’s a rich journey that supports you to shed blocks and outmoded patterns, wake up a new world, and transform your reality – into elegance, potency, and bounteous possibilities. There is a shift coming in the New Year for sure. So much is in play. This is a time for seeding, clearing and showing up fully in our truth, no matter what. What wants to come through now? What needs to die? What gifts are to be born, what gems discovered? “Finding the Gold” is here to support this emergence in you and I’m excited to be sharing it with you.


ISTA Level 1 – Sydney

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This powerful 8 day retreat is a training for life and love and is for everyone: practitioners, would-be practitioners and anyone who desires to take their personal empowerment to another level and to deepen their abilities of Self Mastery.
“If you are still resisting taking this training, I can say only one thing. GIVE YOURSELF A CHANCE. A chance to connect with the power and freedom inside you. Balance your feminine and masculine energy, to love and be present – even if it hurts. This training CHANGED MY LIFE. I’m going into the world now free and light, and happy to be part of the great Universe.” Anonymous, Ireland training


Vedic Journeys

Immerse yourself in a day of Tantric practices, yoga and Ayurvedic insights… Become more authentic, more self loving, more aware and in tune with yourself and in your relating with others For anyone who wishes to embrace life more fully, and with more joy… This day we immerse ourselves in the flow of energy that […]